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Hello, Welcome to! I am Sharon. I am an online instructor specialized in SAS programming. I am also a certified SAS programmer.

I created my website to offer free SAS programming tutorial videos and coding articles, as well as affordable online video-based SAS programming courses at various levels. All courses are designed to help you learn SAS programming easy and efficiently.

Before I created this website, I served as a statistician/SAS programmer for 7 years. I also enjoyed teaching during my graduate studies and tutoring at the local middle and high schools.

Now I am at the perfect position of combining my SAS programming skills with my teaching enthusiasm to help you learning SAS programming online step-by-step. Hope you find my website and online programming courses helpful!

Information about my courses:

  • 1. Lifetime access 24/7; 30 day money back guarantee!
  • 2. Each lecture/video shows hands-on coding in SAS programming environment as well as detailed step-by-step explanations
  • 3. The course supplements (including SAS codes and data used in lectures) are in their own formats and stored in Zip folders for easy downloading
  • 4. The SAS code and data are compatible across all SAS programming environments.


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